Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission:

The Quest Project identifies, heals, guides, and equips modern boys to become responsible men.


To foster a generation of healthy men that will serve as role models for generations to come.


Serving as examples to our boys, we strive to both exude and inspire:


We confidently move against the grain of culture to equip boys with the courage and tools to be themselves. We challenge them to be better, and challenge ourselves to confront the status quo, even when society expects otherwise.


We know that real growth happens on purpose, so we don’t mess around. From design to implementation, the program is built without fluff. We ask that our boys grow, act, and speak with intention, so we hold ourselves to the same standard.


We teach without blame. Inherent is our belief that every person you meet is working with the tools, wounds, and experiences they’ve received. As a tenet of humanity, we teach empathy. We feel empathy.


Regardless of what you were or weren't taught, however you were treated, or whatever others assume of you, personal responsibility is a must. We are compelled to improve the world and serve others--both as members of the program, and as teachers - leading by example.

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