Is your son struggling? Angry? Isolating? Does your family need help?

Equip him with the tools and processes needed to change behavior.


The Quest Project®
A modern-day rite of passage™

Since 2000 The Quest Project®-A modern-day rite of passage™ program has helped thousands of adolescent males and their families confront status quo and improve themselves. By equipping them with the tools and processes needed to change behavior, there is a significant increase in learning capabilities and in school participation.

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Participants in The Quest Project Online had this to say:


The program is very calming and helps visualize who I want to be.”


It helped me recognize my goals in life, what is holding me back and the skill I need to work on to attain my goals.”


I learned who I really am, what I am, and it makes me think."


I felt so calm and kinda like freed me from everything else.”

The Quest Project Online

The Quest Project Online is 10 self-paced evidence-based therapeutic modules that heal, guide, and equip modern boys to become responsible men in this particularly challenging and different environment they and we now live in.

We focus on breaking down traditional counseling barriers, allowing each participant to build character, sift through trauma, forgive the past, take responsibility, look to the future.

You will also receive a “Parent’s Guide” that allows you to understand and participate in your son’s online journey.

The Emotional Toolkit

The Quest Project Online provides boys an Emotional Toolkit for them to effectively:

  • Earn and establish trust
  • Uncover past hurts & wounds
  • Process anger
  • Resolve conflict
  • Identify individual strengths & unique gifts
  • Explore forgiveness, values and relationships
  • Establish a purpose and goals for the future

About Dr. Clay Lessor

After growing up in the home of an abusive, alcoholic and absent father, Founder Dr. Clay Lessor learned as an adult what he missed growing up as an adolescent and dedicated his life to helping boys. He is a highly respected expert in his field and can be seen regularly on T.V. and in print; author of “Saving Our Sons-A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Boys for Success,” “Generation of Men-how to raise your son to be a healthy man among men,” “Difference of a Counselor Facilitated Adolescent Boys Group on Behavior,” and creator of The Quest Project and The Quest Project Online.

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