Conflict Resolution Tool

Conflict is a part of life

Some people thoroughly enjoy conflict… while others avoid it at all costs. One of the cornerstones Dr. Clay covers with adolescent boys and their parents is “conflict resolution.” By utilizing his tested process, the family is able to communicate more effectively and peacefully.

This FREE resource is the same process used in the Quest onsite training. In it, you will be able to:

  • Walk through a new process to communicate
  • Call out common mistakes
  • Outline rules of engagement
  • See examples applying the methodology in real life

It will be uncomfortable at first. The process is learned, so it takes practice.

The good news is, once you learn and begin to incorporate this method with your kids, you’ll find it can help at work, with your spouse/partner, and generally anytime you find yourself in the midst of a conflict.

Create clearer communication with less conflict

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