Saving Our Sons: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Boys for Success

From Dr. Clayton Lessor, Founder of The Quest Project

Based on years of research, study and practical application, Saving Our Sons provides mothers — as well as fathers and other caregivers — with the expert guidance they need to help their sons navigate the turbulent transition between boyhood and manhood. You’ll learn:

  • Why what you’re doing now isn’t working
  • The wound that all adolescent boys share
  • The five things a boy needs to grow into a healthy man
  • What mothers can (and can’t) do to help their sons transition to manhood
  • How to tell when your son is in trouble, and where to turn for help
  • An overview of The Quest Project®, including exercises you can do with your son at home
  • Case studies of eight young men who have completed The Quest Project®
  • And much more

Help Your Son Grow into the Man He’s Meant to Be.

There’s never been a more challenging time to be the mother of a teenage boy. Our young men are currently in crisis, falling far behind their female counterparts in school and in life and failing to learn the lessons they need to survive and thrive in the adult world.

I highly recommend this book for all who are struggling to understand boys. And especially to those of us with sons, as we search and pray for guidance to help them succeed… Clay has a keen understanding of what young men go through in these chaotic times. He can help us understand their needs and their motivations.

– Tom Muenks, The Mankind Project USA


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