Have You Considered “What-If?”

Do you ask yourself “what if?”  Are you prepared, or have what I like to call a “Plan B?”  I personally go through the exercise of both.  I start by asking myself “what if,” and based on the answer I put together my “Plan B!” Learned My Lesson Early Growing up in a house with […]

Parenting Boys

Parenting Boys? Todays Challenges

I promised you more “sneak peeks” into my upcoming book.  It’s about fathers and sons; insight into the past, present and future of the relationship or lack thereof between them. Today’s Parent Today’s parent faces modern challenges.  It is how they handle those challenges that has become super important.  I say that because as society has matured and become more automated, […]

Clayton Lessor

Who Is Dr. Clay?

As a facilitator of The Quest Project®,  I am in the “trenches” with the boys that come to see me, I’m good at it!  I know how to quickly uncover and get to the wound an adolescent boy carries.  Since 2000 I have facilitated 2000+ adolescent boys in their growth, healing and quest to becoming a responsible man! No Time […]

9 Reasons ALL Boys Need A Modern-Day Rite-of-Passage

Rite-of-passage for males is a transition, and in its simplest terms means “changing from a boy to a man.”  Sounds easy right?  It’s not! It’s unfortunate that today in our society we have forgotten and moved away from recognizing and honoring this time in a young man’s life.  The result is Our Boys are in Trouble! If you read […]

Rite-of-Passage & Initiation (Part One of Two)

There is a much-needed focus today by both broadcast and print media on males and masculinity; you can virtually find a program or article on the subject at any given moment.  What I don’t see or hear is something I know very well through years of research, data and facilitation. Boys need a rite-of-passage and initiation […]