Boys Are In Trouble

Boys Are In Trouble - Clayton Lessor

One of the first blogs I wrote was Our Boys Are in Trouble and here I am reminding you again, why you ask?  Because it’s not getting any better; as a society we’re failing our boys.

Take This Serious

I see just as many single parent moms in my office with troubled teenage sons as I did a year ago, quite honestly as many as I did 10 years ago.  For that reason I’m going to continue to stress the importance of taking notice, taking it serious, and what you can do to help.

The Reality Is

“one in three boys currently lives in a home without a father or other strong male role model”

Boys need a mother and father, but all too often, the dad is missing from the home, whether it’s physically or emotionally, so often boys will bond together and act out in unhealthy ways like:

  • drinking
  • drug use
  • violence
  • gangs
  • stealing

Fatherless boys are twice as likely to receive D’s and F’s and drop out of school, and if we take that a step further; more than 75% of all crime in America is committed by men who were fatherless as children.   Don’t kill the messenger here; these are the facts!


What Makes Me The Expert

I know about this from personal experience because as a boy my dad was alcoholic, absent, and violent in the home.  I found ways to get through this by drinking, girls, and sports as I grew up.

Once I turned my life around, I realized I wanted to help other boys, so I got the education and then created The Quest Project.

I’m not asking Dads anymore, I’m imploring them to get involved with their sons.  Mom can’t do this on her own; she can’t give your son what he needs to transition into the man he wants to be.  He needs a healthy male role model/example.  Boys are in trouble-they need our help, and my book, Saving Our Sons A Parents Guide to Preparing Boys for Success, is about getting them the help they need.  It provides examples of what parents can do as well as case studies of some troubled teenagers that went through The Quest Project® and graduated as fine young men. 

Are you the parent of a teenage boy that is acting out; would you like to share your experience?

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