Labels Are for Packages

This is an extremely crucial time for our adolescent boys.  And I’ll say it again “our boys are in trouble!” It’s time to be very careful and diligent as parents to refuse to allow your sons to be labeled. Headed in the Wrong Direction I know that if we, as a society, continue this trajectory–the […]

Have You Considered “What-If?”

Do you ask yourself “what if?”  Are you prepared, or have what I like to call a “Plan B?”  I personally go through the exercise of both.  I start by asking myself “what if,” and based on the answer I put together my “Plan B!” Learned My Lesson Early Growing up in a house with […]

The Masculinity-Bashing Bandwagon

The Bashing The American Psychological Assoc. (APA) released new “guidelines” on how psychologists should begin to deal with men and boys. They claim that their research proves traditional masculinity is causing men and boys to do a plethora of terrible things. On the heels of that very disturbing release was a new commercial by Gillette, […]

Parenting Advice: Do You Foster PAS?

Have you heard the term Parent Alienation Syndrome, or PAS? It’s not a disorder, it is a behavior that I see on a regular basis in my practice. In a nutshell, it is a term used to describe distinctive behaviors shown by children who have been psychologically manipulated. These behaviors include unwarranted fear, disrespect or […]

Counseling for Boys-Today’s Challenges

I wrote about the challenge of “parenting boys today;” here’s some insight into the challenges we face as counselors you may find helpful as well. I Don’t Need Counseling! The first most obvious hurdle to overcome is “in general” males aren’t comfortable with counseling!  That goes for the young adolescent boy all the way to the […]