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Play Ball Clayton Lessor Saving Our Sons

Baseball season is heating up! Yes I’m an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, GO CARDS!  I’m a hockey fan too, I know one of these years the Blues are going to win the Stanley Cup, GO BLUES! This inspired me to write about sports and how adolescent boys can get not only mentoring from a coach, but a “release” of stored/pent-up energy with their peers.

Keep Your Son Busy

Boys are inherently different than girls, they are mostly active, curious and competitive. One of the best ways to get your young son engaged is by “nudging” him to “do” something. Sports provides a sense of accomplishment and fun.

This especially goes for single parent moms raising boys. I highly suggest getting them involved in sports! They’ll learn to be on a team(camaraderie) and more likely than not, they’ll get some mentoring from their coaches.

Escape To The Field

I remember as a boy my dad was absent; my mom was disengaged and basically trying to survive. What did I do? I would play baseball, hockey, football and anything I could just to stay away from the madness that was “my home.”

I learned some very important lessons being on a team and I believe your son can too.

I had some great coaches and mentors; I had some not so great coaches but the important thing is I learned teamwork, camaraderie, fun, how to “try harder,” and not to QUIT!

“Take Me Out To The Ballgame” 

A tip for all the parents:  GO AND WATCH HIS GAMES. Tell your child how proud you are of him and how great he’s doing; trust me it means a lot.  Know that he appreciates the acknowledgment even if he doesn’t acknowledge he does(yep-strange but true!)!

I know every game my mom attended; more important I know every game she didn’t attend. Most of those times for what I perceived to be “lame excuses.”  I stopped looking for her and expecting to see her in the stands.  It’s a sad feeling I wouldn’t wish on any young boy.

I realize sports aren’t for every boy, maybe it’s band or choir, that’s great too. The message here is to get them involved in an activity they can be proud of (this excludes T.V.!). Video games are fun for boys and they do feel a sense of accomplishment and competition, it’s not the same as being in the presence of other boys, with a mentor or a coach.

When we do goal setting in The Quest Project®, 90% of the boys have a goal of being a professional athlete!  It’s their goal, what they want to be when they grow up and that’s healthy; I encourage them to make it a reality.  Let them try,  get them active and on a team maybe your son is the next Yadier Molina!

Does your son play a sport?  Has it made a positive impact?

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