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Clayton Lessor

Who Is Dr. Clay?

As a facilitator of The Quest Project®,  I am in the “trenches” with the boys that come to see me, I’m good at it!  I know how to quickly uncover and get to the wound an adolescent boy carries.  Since 2000 I have facilitated 2000+ adolescent boys in their growth, healing and quest to becoming a responsible man! No Time […]

Women’s Quest-A Weekend Workshop

  Over the past year I have discovered The Quest Project® is as meaningful to men and women as it is to adolescent boys.  Imagine a group of six women ages 20 yrs.-64 yrs. of age coming together over a weekend to work through issues they feel have prevented them from being the women they want to be! The Women’s Quest […]

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Ninth of 9 Reasons ALL Boys Need A Rite-of-Passage

I detailed relationships and the value system last week.  For the ninth and final reason ALL boys need a rite-of-passage, I dedicate the entire blog to life mission.  It’s a very important step; in my experience most of the young men I facilitate in The Quest Project® have not considered or thought about their life mission. I get it!  As a young man […]

Seven and 8 of 9 Reasons ALL Boys Need a Rite-of-Passage

In last week’s blog I covered “the gift” and “empathy.”  One of my favorite moments when I’m working with young men is the moment they “lay claim” to their “gift!”  The sense of empowerment allows them to embrace life and be more confident.  It sets a perfect stage to move on to 7 & 8 (relationships and a value system) […]

Five and 6 of 9 Reasons ALL Boys Need a Rite-of-Passage

This week a couple of my favorites!  The Gift and Empathy; both are so important to raising a happy, healthy and responsible young man.  Golden Gift 5.) We all have a gift, it’s what makes us unique and different; your son needs to know what gifts he was born with.  He needs to know his Golden Gift. […]

Three and 4 of 9 Reasons ALL Boys Need a Rite-of-Passage

Last week I expanded on what it means when a boy begins to transition to a man and the importance of goal setting.  This week I give more detail on both anger and conflict.  During adolescence a boy begins to self regulate anger and he learns how to resolve conflict.  Teaching, guidance and support is critical. Anger-One of the “Big 4” […]

First 2 of 9 Reasons ALL Boys Need a Rite-of-Passage

  When I wrote the 9 Reasons ALL Boys Need a Modern-Day Rite-of-Passage there was a surge in interest!  That tells me parents of boys are waking up to the critical needs of their sons.  They’re asking themselves-“What’s missing?”  Over the next few weeks, I’ll take those Top 9 Reasons and break them down and […]

9 Reasons ALL Boys Need A Modern-Day Rite-of-Passage

Rite-of-passage for males is a transition, and in its simplest terms means “changing from a boy to a man.”  Sounds easy right?  It’s not! It’s unfortunate that today in our society we have forgotten and moved away from recognizing and honoring this time in a young man’s life.  The result is Our Boys are in Trouble! If you read […]