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A Wounded Man

Continuing the story…I do this work to help wounded, broken boys grow to be successful men.  I know how, I’ve been there. Civilian Life, I’m Not Ready The Air Force changed my life and offered the stability I needed.  It was returning to the civilian life that still would prove to be a challenge, and I would come […]

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Hey Mom I Joined the Air Force!

Continuing the story of the life that brought me to where I am today, and why I do the work I do to help boys.  My Air Force years. I’m In The Air Force Now Enlisting in the United States Air Force was an easy decision for me.  I was lost with no direction in […]

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The Teenage Years

Continuing the story of the life that brought me where I am today and my commitment to helping boys, next up is my high school years. The Divorce Eventually, Mom divorced Dad and to say it was “a nasty one” is an understatement.  I made the decision at sixteen to live with Dad.  I’m sure […]

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Who Is Clayton Lessor?

A Little About Me – Clayton Lessor I realize that in order to trust me and understand why I do this Quest Project work you should know a little about me.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to tell you my story and how a very abusive childhood led me to the work I […]

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Mom – What Happens When Your Son Transitions from Boy To Man

Let me start by saying this…. Mom, I know you’re doing the best you can.  If you’re a single Mom you don’t need me to tell you how hard it is raising kids alone.  Most of the Moms I talk to feel they are filling the role of Dad too.  Most likely you are working […]

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Our Boys Are In Trouble

If you’re the parent or guardian of a boy who is troubled, you’re not alone.  America’s boys are in crisis right now; and most likely they are everywhere but I’m talking about what I see right here, right now.  Our schools and communities don’t have the systems in place that we need to fight this […]

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