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The Dog Ate My Homework

Are you tired of the excuses from your teenage son on why the homework didn’t get done? A Piece Of Advice I’m going to “kill two birds with one stone” for you.  Based on my experience with the boys I see,  homework isn’t his priority, video games are.  And based on the parents I work with, […]

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Is My Son ADD or ADHD?

I have talked about drugs and alcohol, and some of the warning signs.  The next most common issue I see with boys is the overuse of ADD or ADHD medications. Before I dive in and give you my expert opinion, I want to be clear that I am fully aware in some cases ADD/ADHD medications are helpful.

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A Time to Give Thanks

It’s that time of year!  Here are some things I’m very thankful for. A Time To Give Thanks First and foremost I am thankful for my family and friends and all the blessings they bring to my life.  I have a thriving private practice that allows me to live my mission every day.

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Drugs, Alcohol and My Son

In my last article, I talked about “When a Boy Becomes a Man;” what happens when there are obstacles, and there can be many.  In the next few posts, I’ll share with you about what I see in my program The Quest Project.  Let’s start with the “big one”  Drugs and Alcohol. Charles Krauthammer wrote in […]

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When A Boy Becomes a Man

Think about this: When a girl transitions to a woman the “signs” are typically obvious and unmistakable.  However, when a young boy begins to transition to a man it can sneak up on you; the signs aren’t as obvious.  You know it’s going to happen, but what do you look for?

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What’s Going on With My Son?

Moms, this message is specifically for you! What’s Going On I would guess if your son is age 11 to 19 years old you’re asking yourself on a daily basis, “what’s going on with my son?” or “I don’t understand what is wrong with him.”  And the answer is “maybe nothing, he’s becoming a young […]

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Peer Pressure – My Son is Acting Out, What Should I Do?

Peer pressure by definition is “social pressure by members of one’s peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted.” The Importance Of Adolescence One of the most critical times in a young boys life is adolescence.  If you’ve been following me,  you have heard me say how […]

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Creating a Legacy

And finally, where I am today and what’s in store for the future… “In A Nutshell” As I wrap up this series of articles, my intention has been to introduce you to me and my life.  I feel it is crucial that you and the parents of boys who are considering joining my programs know my […]

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The Quest Project is Born

Continuing the story of what brought me to where I am today. The Quest Project is Born That may sound “cliché” so let me explain.  I  carried, labored, nurtured, fed, protected and devoted most of my time to this baby called The Quest Project!  I knew in my heart it would be a gift to troubled young boys. It is what they […]

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Taking My Life Back

Continuing the story of my life and how my experiences led me to become a counselor by taking my life back. This Isn’t What I Need Initially, my therapy was like talking to a good friend.  In fact, I honestly didn’t think it was for me.  I saw two different female counselors.  Basically, both assured me “everything […]

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