Raising Sons? Character Building Blocks


If you followed my series of “steps” to take when dealing with an adolescent son who is in trouble you learned step by step what to do.  What is sometimes missed is that The Quest Project® isn’t just for troubled or at-risk boys.  

Helping Build Character With Every Boy

The Quest Project is designed to help ALL ADOLESCENT BOYS!  The program teaches every boy how to become a healthy young man by providing direction.  It also teaches character building; here are some examples:   

  • Humility-by understanding his unique gifts.
  • Compassion-by healing his own wound.
  • Contentment-by establishing his values.
  • Grit, determination & diligence-by setting his goals.
  • Self-discipline & impulse control-by understanding and safely dealing with anger.
  • Courage & honesty-by having these in the “tool box.”
  • Dependability-by goal setting and mission.
  • Leading & following-by learning conflict resolution.
  • Proactive-by creating his purpose=mission.
  • Serenity– by learning forgiveness.
  • Patience-by understanding his anger shadow.
  • Kindness to self and others-by building a safe container.
  • There’s integrity, gratitude, adaptability, sense of curiosity & wonder, optimism & positivity, endurance, respect, and hope. 

All things that are needed to become a healthy man; The Quest Project® covers them all!

To be a participant in The Quest Project group, he doesn’t need to be in trouble!  Maybe he is lacking motivation and/or direction.  Maybe you simply wish he had a “coach” to help him through his teens.  I’m that guy!  I can help!  My mission is “to create healthy lifestyles by teaching, facilitating, writing, research and example.”

What Parent’s Say

I could share hundreds of parent testimonials; I think this one sums it up best.

“I would highly recommend Clayton’s program to any young man/parent who may be struggling to find their way.”-Parent

I remember this young man and his parents well; he didn’t come to me because he was “in trouble” he just needed direction.  I have parents tell me every day that “they wish they had heard of me sooner or knew that such a program existed!”

Work to Be Done

There are millions of adolescent boys, according to the census, aged 11-19 in the United States.  They all need to go through a modern-day rite-of-passage to satisfy the innate feelings they are experiencing.  To learn fundamental life lessons and the building blocks of character. They need The Quest Project!


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