COVID-19 Precautions

For over 25 years it has been my pleasure providing mental health wellness and guidance to my clients.  Over the recent weeks we are all faced with challenges, the ability to be flexible and change.

My first priority is to ensure the health and safety of my client.  With the potential spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) I have made decisions that will temporarily affect how I currently provide therapy services.

  1. Effective immediately all group work has been suspended until further notice.
  2. If you are a current client and have concern about individual “in person” sessions, please call your insurance company to request authorization for behavioral health “telephone session(s).”
  3. If you plan to keep your scheduled “in person” session with me, I ask that you do not have any of the identified symptoms found here on the CDC

The health and safety of my clients is the priority now and always, even when there is uncertainty surrounding us.  You can be certain of this – I will never lose focus of my mission “to create healthy lifestyles by teaching, facilitating, research, writing and example.”  This mission drives me in good times and through challenges, to remain focused on the most important thing, you, your family and mine.

We will get through this when we all do our part.

Take care and stay safe,

Dr. Clay

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