“Saving Our Sons” – An Update

Saving Our Sons - An Update

It’s hard to imagine 2016 is 2 weeks away.  It’s certainly been a very busy 2015; I thought I’d take this time to give an update on my book, Saving Our Sons.

Saving Our Sons

I have been diligently reading and rereading the manuscript before sending it off to copyedit.  I believe Saving Our Sons:  A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Boys For Success is the best it can be!  My hope and my intent is that this book helps families, especially single parent moms, understand their teenage sons.

I believe once there is a better understanding our sons will have the ability to mature into the men they’re meant to be. 

Update And Free Gift

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen the updates.  For those of you that get your information here, I want to provide you the update. 

I’m excited to share with you a “sneak peek” which means if you visit my website you’ll be able to download the 1st chapter FREE!  I hope you enjoy the first chapter and that you’ll share this information if you know someone who has a teenage son.

So where does the manuscript go from here? 

Now What

Once it has been returned to me from copyedit we’ll send it off to layout to make it pretty.  It’ll then be proofread and indexed.  Once all of these steps have been completed we should be ready to see a proof of the actual book.  Whew! Who said self-publishing was easy!  If all goes as it should, and the stars align, I expect to have a book release mid-February or early March. 

Happy Holidays

I couldn’t do this without lots of great support and your interest so Thank You!  I wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

Next week, back to business.  I’ll be addressing bullying and what you should watch for, and what to do if you believe your son is being bullied.

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