What Has Happened To Guys?

What Has Happened to Guys - Clayton Lessor

I was watching the movie “Intern” the other night with Ann Hathaway and Robert De Niro.  To be honest I prefer a good science fiction or action movie.  Once in a while my wife needs a break so we watch a love story or comedy.  I really liked this movie, aside from Ann Hathaway crying too much, she touched on something I thought was worth blogging about.

The Intern

So if you haven’t seen the movie, you should.  If you did see it then bear with me while I set up the scene.

Robert De Niro who plays Ben is working as an intern(senior citizen program) for Ann Hathaway who plays Jules, who is running an online clothing company.  She really doesn’t like the idea at first and rarely uses him for jobs.  Time goes by and she begins to rely on him and appreciate his “old fashioned” methods and approach to business.

After completing a task that could have caused her some grief, they meet for a drink with some other “guys” from the office to debrief.  This is the part I want to emphasize.  Jules says:

“No one calls for men anymore, women went from girls to women and men went from men to boys….this is a problem in the big picture!”  Her “theory” as she calls it is this “we all did the moms take your daughter to work day and girls were told they can be anything and do anything.  Guys got left behind and not quite as nurtured; while the girls were being told “you go girl!” and I wonder sometimes how guys fit in.  They’re still playing video games, how did this happen in just one generation.” 

She then looks at Ben and says this is what cool is!

What About The Boys?

I continued to recall that conversation and scene for a couple of days.  My very first blog was Our Boys Are In Trouble  it addresses this same thing.  We have as a society been so focused on equal treatment for females that we have abandon our boys.  And before you get upset with that statement I’m clear that we did need to catch up with equal treatment for females, but in the process we forgot about the males.

Who is teaching young boys to be young men?  I’m trying to do my part through my program The Quest Project® but I can’t do it alone.  Fathers are the best example and mentor for their son, but why have they stopped?  I have fathers asking me how to father because their dad didn’t set an example for them.  This is a systemic problem in our society today and a potential topic for my next book (HINT).  I am committed to change on this subject and have a lot to say about it!

Bring Back The Cool Guys

I’m with Jules on this one, Ben is cool and it’s because he is a “guys guy.”  He wears a suit and tie.  He gets to work on time (he sets a backup alarm!).  He carries an extra handkerchief “just in case.”  He’s a mentor full of knowledge, wisdom and integrity.   

Did you see the movie?  How did you perceive that scene; will you share your comments?

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