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Parenting Boys? The 5 Signs of Trouble

Don’t ignore the warning signs, you may think your son is just going through a phase, but that’s not always the case.  Your son could be in trouble.  It may be typical angst; here’s the difference. Over the past 20 years I have helped countless troubled teens make the transition from boyhood to adult life with my program, The Quest Project. The Warning Signs Boys are […]

Parenting Teens? Heroin Spares No One

The stories are disturbing; teens addicted to and dying from heroin.   It’s happening right under our nose, in our own backyard, rich and poor communities.  It is pervasive, from schools to homes to the streets and parks. The numbers are staggering.  But they don’t show the complete picture. “My Son Wouldn’t Do Drugs” That’s the most common response […]

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Raising Sons? Discipline vs Punishment

Discipline or Punishment? What’s the difference you ask!  There’s a big difference between discipline and punishment.  Punishment. So your son has broken the rules; he’s been caught drinking or smoking, maybe a bad report card?  You have to do “something,” he’ll have to be punished. The way to stop a child from misbehaving is to cause some […]

The Quest Project-For Dad!

Dad, Welcome to The Quest Project® My recent inspiration for writing book #2 came from a very welcome change I am seeing in my practice, let me share more. Change Is Very Good Over the last 20 years, I have seen over 2000 boys go through The Quest Project®.  What’s changed?  In the past, the majority of […]

Parenting Tip: Kids Feelings and How to Manage

  Kids feelings: Mad, sad, glad, and afraid-I often refer to these as The Big Four!  Processing feelings is healthy, I recommend it highly.  Here’s why: Kids Feelings: Mad Happens Let’s start here, this is the feeling that scares everyone.  I’m always amazed at the number of people that think being mad and/or angry is always […]

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“If-” An Inspiration

I’ve shared this poem by Rudyard Kipling, originally published in 1910 with you before.  It’s not only one of my favorites; it is worthy of sharing again as I believe “If-” says it all!                                          “If-“ If you […]

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A Special Message For Fathers

Are you a healthy, responsible example for your adolescent son? Message for Fathers: You Are a Gift What a special opportunity a dad has in the life of his son.  I am reminded of the important role dad plays in the healthy development of their sons every day.  Sure I have research and data that can prove it, but […]

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