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“If-” An Inspiration

I’ve shared this poem by Rudyard Kipling, originally published in 1910 with you before.  It’s not only one of my favorites; it is worthy of sharing again as I believe “If-” says it all!                                          “If-“ If you […]

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A Special Message For Fathers

Are you a healthy, responsible example for your adolescent son? Message for Fathers: You Are a Gift What a special opportunity a dad has in the life of his son.  I am reminded of the important role dad plays in the healthy development of their sons every day.  Sure I have research and data that can prove it, but […]

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Parenting Tip: Is Your Son Grieving?

  Is Your Son Grieving a Loss? There are many definitions of grief, the one I like best is by The Grief Recovery Institute: “Grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind.  Of itself, grief is neither a pathological condition nor a personality disorder.  Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by […]

Is My Son Smoking Pot or Drinking? What to Do Next

  Are you afraid your son is smoking pot, drinking or worse? My Son Would Never Do That  I hope you’re not deceiving yourself; drugs and alcohol are readily available EVERYWHERE!  He can escape his feelings by “numbing out” and find refuge by drinking or smoking pot.  And worse let’s not forget the huge opioid epidemic that’s sweeping the […]

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Raising Sons: Could He Have PTSD?

  Raising Sons & PTSD Did you know that PTSD is not exclusive to our military servicemen?  We hear about “post- traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD) most often as a result of some of the horrific sights our young men witnessed while serving in the military. What Is PTSD Many times, a parent misses the signs […]

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Parenting Boys: The Importance of Activity

Parenting Boys and the Importance of Sports Activity You’ve heard it said many times “boys are physical and visual!”  That statement is not only true, it’s proven.  This inspired me to write about parenting boys and  sports activity. Sports enables adolescent boys to get mentoring from a coach and a “release” of stored/pent-up energy with their peers. Keep Your Son […]

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Raising Sons? Signs He’s Becoming A Man

From a Boy To a Man How will you know when your adolescent son begins to transition into a man?  It won’t happen overnight, and there will be times when you wish it would! Signs of Change: Your Son’s Becoming a Man At approximately 11-13 yrs. of age “on average” a boy produces a greater amount of testosterone.  The production […]