Parenting Boys? Todays Challenges

Parenting Boys

I promised you more “sneak peeks” into my upcoming book.  It’s about fathers and sons; insight into the past, present and future of the relationship or lack thereof between them.

Today’s Parent

Today’s parent faces modern challenges.  It is how they handle those challenges that has become super important.  I say that because as society has matured and become more automated, as parents we must be careful to not let parenting become “automated.”

Your son’s needs can’t be fulfilled by Alexa!  He can’t become a healthy responsible man without your help.  The acknowledgement for the book says it all:

To all the fathers who are doing their best to raise their sons to be responsible, strong and well-adjusted young men. It takes patience and wisdom that will be tested often.

I commend each of you, from the dad who’s doing all the right things to the dad who is working hard to figure out what that is. Don’t give up, your son needs you.

You compete every day with technology, electronics, and multiple attacks on what a male’s role is in this society.

We are masculine, tender, strong, vulnerable, leaders, followers, intelligent and we’re not to be taken for granted! We’re “a man among many!”

I hope you’ll find this book useful in recalling what exactly it is a boy needs to become a man. You’re the most important person in your son’s life; that’s an honor.

Win or Lose

In my lifetime I have never seen a more crucial time to send out a wake-up call to dad’s everywhere!  Our masculinity is being attacked.  This is not the time to throw in the towel or raise the white flag of defeat; you and your son and your son’s son are very important to this generation and the ones to follow.

Stop allowing the teachers to label your son ADD/ADHD, ODD or generally a nuisance.  He’s a boy, and boys are full of energy and exploration; he (most likely) doesn’t need medication he needs activity.  He needs to be taught how to embrace masculinity.  Refuse to squelch the very nature that your son inherently possesses!

Boys and Girls ARE Different

I’m fired up when I see at minimum a boy a week being shamed for being a boy!  Boys aren’t girls, their needs are different; they communicate different!  Why have we suddenly decided the “difference” is a bad thing?  Remember the best-selling book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” by John Gray?  How many of you read that book and nodded in agreement?

Join with me mom and dad and advocate for your son, or someday you’ll look back and regret it!

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