The Quest Project-For Dad!

Dad, Welcome to The Quest Project®

My recent inspiration for writing book #2 came from a very welcome change I am seeing in my practice, let me share more.

Change Is Very Good

Over the last 20 years, I have seen over 2000 boys go through The Quest Project®.  What’s changed?  In the past, the majority of the young men that came in were accompanied by mom.  Mom would attend the parent sessions, mom would make sure her son got to group on time and made sure he was picked up on time!  I’m pleased to see a shift recently,  more often Dad is participating!  Dad is bringing his son in and participating in the work. 

Fathers are beginning to understand how important they are to their sons.  They are realizing how important they are in their son’s development.  They want to make changes and be better fathers.  They are looking for what’s missing and eager to be a healthy role model for their son.   It has not only inspired my second book, it has inspired another very exciting path for The Quest Project®.

The Quest Project® Hybrid

“The Quest Project for Dad!”  What better way for a father to experience, understand and connect with their son than getting it first hand!  Learning and working on things like:

  • safe group with facilitator/mentor
  • goal setting and block
  • tools
  • wound work
  • anger management
  • conflict resolution
  • gift
  • mission=purpose
  • relationship
  • community involvement

It’s my belief that the issue of Absent Fathers is systemic; I don’t believe that in most cases a Dad chooses to be absent.  What I do know is that since the Industrial Revolution men have left the farm to work in offices and factories.  As each generation of boys since that time were born, they got less and less time with their dad.  They lost that important mentor and example of “how to” become a man.  Fast forward to today and it is my belief Dad needs to be taught and experience a rite of passage of his own, it’s what his father didn’t teach him. 

Look Out World!

Now there is “immediate help and hope” for fathers and their sons!  I’m excited about the potential of bringing families closer.  My mission: “to create healthy lifestyles by teaching, facilitating, writing and example” means that I will continue to research, discover and publish examples of what I learn in my first-hand experience and intensive feedback from participants.   Ultimately, I can pass on to you how to be a better mother, father, son, daughter etc.

Let me hear from some of you out there that know a Dad who never grew up?

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