The Quest Project-For Men

I facilitated my first The Quest Project® back in 2000.  I never imagined back then that today I’d be facilitating that same program (modified for adults) to a group of men.

I have discovered The Quest Project is as meaningful to men as it is to the adolescent boys.  As an example, imagine a group of six men ages 19 yrs.-64 yrs. of age coming together over a 10-week period to work through issues they feel have prevented them from being the men they want to be! 

The Quest Project®-For Men

What better way for an adult male just starting out, father, brother, husband, son or uncle to understand and work on being a responsible healthy man.  In some cases, I have Dad in the men’s group and son in the boy’s group-that’s compelling!

We spend 90 minutes once a week for 10 weeks to work on these processes:

  • how to build a safe container
  • goal setting and block
  • tools for life
  • wound work
  • anger management
  • conflict resolution
  • discovering their gift
  • mission=purpose
  • relationships
  • community involvement

It’s Never Too Late

You may be a young adult male that hasn’t had an important mentor and example of “how to” become a man.  I see fathers, husbands, brothers and uncles that have done the best they could over the years but realize “something” is missing.  Maybe they grew up in a divorced home.  They didn’t get much time with their father because he worked long hours.  Maybe dad was in the military and away during his son’s formative years.  There are multiple reasons but the bottom line is they didn’t have a male role model to teach and provide them a rite of passage

Now there is “immediate help and hope” for the adult male!  I’m excited about the potential of bringing families closer.  My mission: “to create healthy lifestyles by teaching, facilitating, writing, research and example” is my commitment I will continue to research, discover and publish examples of what I learn in my first-hand experience and intensive feedback from participants.  

Are you an adult male who missed some important time with your father and would like to heal?  I can help.  


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