Founder of The Quest Project®-Dr. Clay

Choosing a counselor and/or a program for your son is an important step.   Both parent and son need to establish a connection with the therapist.  It is essential to the work; so, take your time and be confident in your selection process.

The Quest Project®

When I started my practice in 2000, I had a vision; the vision was to develop a modern-day rite of passage® program designed to help adolescent males in their transition to become a man.  Since that time I have facilitated 2000+ adolescent males in their growth, healing, and quest to become a responsible man!  It’s called The Quest Project.

As the facilitator of The Quest Project, I am in the “trenches” with the boys that come to see me, I’m good at it!  I know how to quickly uncover and get to the wound an adolescent male carries.

My Expertise

Through my extensive research, and by visiting several other programs in the US over the years to observe other methods, I know the “what, how, why and when.”  I know the importance of “getting to it” when dealing with adolescent males.  I don’t waste time skirting the issue.  I do not fantasize “time” will take care of it! When a parent brings their son to me, the need is immediate!

I start with an assessment and/or evaluation, then we get right to work!

Time, most of the time, is of the essence.  I move quickly to uncover the issues; because when a young man is at risk it is crucial that we get started.

My Qualifications

Education and publications:

  • Completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1994.
  • Earned a Master of Arts in Counseling; Thesis topic: “The Effect of Initiation and Mentoring on Adolescent Boys” (Lessor, C., 1998).
  • Became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 1999.
  • Published in peer reviewed journal “Role of Deceased Mentors in the Ongoing Lives of Protégés,” Omega: Journal of Death and Dying (Lessor, C., & Marwit, S., 2000). 
  • Published “Saving Our Sons”-A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Boys for Success 2016.
  • Graduated Doctor of Philosophy in Education with the Distinguished Graduate Award in 2017.  Dissertation title: “Difference of a Counselor Facilitated Adolescent Boys Group on Behavior” (Lessor, 2017).
  • Published “Generation of Men”-How to raise your son to be a healthy man among men 2019.
  • Soon to be published in a peer reviewed Journal: The Journal of Academic Scholarship “Difference of a Counselor Facilitated Adolescent Boys Group on Behavior” (Lessor, 2021).

I am a proud veteran of the United States Air Force; I retired a Captain with 20+ years of service, receiving multiple awards and recognitions.  

A Clear Mission

In addition to my work with adolescents, I facilitate weekend workshops for adults.  Women’s Quest and Men’s Quest are designed for growth, healing, and a better understanding of how to be responsible men and women.

This is how I live my mission:

My spare time is spent having fun with my family.  Our not for profit called Charity Patch is where we spend our summer and provide fresh produce to the local food pantry. Or, I can be found in the library doing research, analyzing, writing, and preparing for the next steps that will help young men, their parents and all families live healthy more responsible lives!

My Mission:

To Create Healthy Lifestyles by Teaching, Facilitating, Writing, Research and Example!


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