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My name is Clayton Lessor, PhD, LPC and it is my life’s mission to work with adolescent boys, I have done just that for the last 25 years.  I am a licensed professional counselor, facilitator and author.  I have a new book out titled “Generation of Men: How to raise your son to be a healthy man among men” it’s available on Amazon.

What’s in the Book

The book features my years of research and The Quest Project®; a boys to men evidence-based program, The Quest Project®, which is a 10-week rite-of-passage program has helped over 2000 boys since the year 2000.  In the book you’ll find it to be different than most of the talking heads.  It goes beyond just identifying the problem, the need to seek out mentoring programs, or saying “fathers need to be more involved!”

I get to the heart of the problem by identifying a deeper systemic issue or wound that all males carry.  I then lay out what boys need to become healthy men.   How both men and boys can get there.

I explain why a father sitting next to his son on the phone while the son plays video games or vice versa isn’t enough.  I’ve done the research, developed a program, and have documented the awesome results with a before and after behavior scale.

What People are Saying

Clayton Lessor’s (Dr. Clay) new book Generation of Men addresses a singular contributor to today’s American dysfunction….the disconnect in the boy-to-man journey.  While describing an historical perspective (both societal and personal) on how boys used to make that transition, Lessor develops a clear picture of what’s different about today’s passage and what can be done about it, case by case.  While today’s norms struggle to support “spare the rod; spoil the child”, his Natural Consequences approach gives us hope that the disruptive adolescent male can grow to productive citizenship….but it takes work on everybody’s part.  Every man raising a boy would benefit from reading his book.  It’s said children don’t come with manuals….well, maybe this comes close.

Convinced Yet?

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of “Generation of Men” by clicking below.  If you’re raising a son, especially if he’s an adolescent, you’ll find a lot of very beneficial information!


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